Monday, 10 October 2011

I Don't Like Black Reach

I've got my three Solonavi themed figures nearly complete and hopefully will get those up later this week with a few explanations as to how I did various bits. I plowed through them in about 5hrs at "paint club" on Sunday.

While I was painting for paint to dry, I started tinkering around with my Black Reach Terminator Assault Squad, on which I'll hopefully start doing a step by step guide in the next week or so once I'm back from Scotland. However, I wanted to say now just how much I dislike them and hadn't realised until last night why I'd not touched them in weeks.

Yes, I want an assault squad to mix in with my more detailed Deathwing figures so that I have some more conventional figures to accompany my growing legion of character models. The Black Reach squad is ideal for this purpose as they are pretty bland, although I've had to do some custom ornamentation to ensure consistency with my established theme. The blandness of the squad I don't mind, but does the plastic and assembly really have to be so awful?

I know there isn't a lot to assemble, but the Torsos simply do not glue into place properly. Every last single one of them I've had to trim, adjust and variously fiddle with in order to get it to fit properly. Something which isn't a problem with the regular Terminator kits.

Specifically the bits highlighted in red here. Yes they click together just fine when the model is dry but the moment you apply glue, the hydraulic pressure of the liquid works against you. It is very annoying.

I've little experience with the rest of the Black Reach set, but if the Terminators are any indication of quality, I'd certainly warn anyone against buying it as a "starter set" for someone new to 40k, as the quality is not representative of the rest of the brand. I'm certainly not convinced the set represents VFM of any sort and I am very glad not to have purchase it in its entirity. £5 for the Terminator assault squad seems about right to me.

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  1. for my money the Termies are the worst part of the AoBR set - so much so that whilst i've repainted all the other marines as Blood Ravens now i've just slung them in a box to be used as future test figures. I would like some Terminators for by Blood Ravens, but to be honest i'll just spring for the more interesting box set at some point.