Monday, 14 November 2011

After Deathwing - What next?

Despite the absence of the next part of the Deathwing Step By Step, I am making progress on the figures and should have something up tomorrow. Blogging takes time and to paraphrase Rocky Horrors' Magenta "slowly, slowly, its too nice a job to rush." The fact that I'm working on eight figures is actually pretty wearing. Yeah, doing the light highlight is fun for the first three or so figures, then it turns into a job, then back to being fun for the last couple when you realise you're nearly done.

So when I am done, I'll have brought my Deathwing force up to a sizable 20+ figures. Admitedly I need more rank and file figures in with the various character models, but I've more than enough for a robust game of Spacehulk. Throw in the Landraider and the two Dreadnoughts and I've an army for a tabletop game. One I'd certainly lose, but an army never-the-less.

I think I need a break from painting bone coloured things, which leads me to ponder what I should tackle next. I'm pondering the following.

1) Dark Angels - I've only one figure painted and he looks a bit lonely. I'm tempted to try painting Azrael with a retinue of veterans or perhaps a Devastator squad.

2) Castellan Crowe & Lord Draigo - these two are not far from finished. In fact I could probably push these two through in an evening.

3) Genestealers - I've got one test colour scheme near finished and I do need these guys painted for Spacehulk.

4) 3D Spacehulk board - I picked up some moulds at Gen-Con for making a sci-fi themed board. My plan is to reproduce, as faithfully as possible, the Spacehulk tiles as package with the new edition.

5) Nemsis Dreadknight - I got him for my Birthday, I'm toying with the idea of doing clever things with magnets.

6) Landraider Ares - I have all the parts to get one of these underway.

The problem with all of these ideas is at present, I really don't have shellspace to store anything else. I need more shelves, in the sense of I critically need more shelves.

So what I'll probably wind up doing after I've completed my Deathwing is this.

7) Go to Ikea, buy shelves.


  1. I have to admit that now i've an appreciable Blood Ravens Force painted up the temptation to expand it to a vaguely playable force is growing. its nothing i intended, but I'm increasingly mentally plotting out future additions.

  2. I do the same with my Deathwing, although the future additions are limited to "moar Terminators, moar Dreadnoughts and moar Landraiders."

    Between the two of us, we've probably got enough figures to have a small skirmish (which would suit as I've never played before). I could conceivably see a small altercation between the Deathwing and the Blood Ravens, given their secretive nature. Or, more likely, the Grey Knights and the Blood Ravens.

  3. that would be fun, actually. although more so for you, with the Landraiders and Terminators ;-)

  4. I figured we'd use forces of equal points value, but your idea sounds like fun too......