Monday, 20 February 2012

Gundam 00 Raiser - A change (and shortage) of space

This is my workspace, or my workspace of a few months ago. I've made a few changes since then, including a new paint rack from who I can heartily recommend.
Same room, different angle. Here you can see how deftly I can switch from relaxing while painting, to relaxing while playing on my computer. Or changing the music I'm listening to. My painting chair is something I'm very particular about as it is, despite probably being about 20 years old, extremely comfortable for painting.

I provide all of this as context, to be clear that I am not cramped away in some cubby hole by my missus where she can hide my pursuits from visitors to avoid embarassment. At the same time, I do not exactly luxuriate for space, but I make do. This exposition is here so we're perfectly clear that I don't have enough space to work easily with a Gundam Master Grade kit.

More after the cut.

The newspapers give some sense of scale of the box, as well as giving a sense of how much of an exciting news magnet the town of Keighley is. Lets be clear, this box is bigger than that of the nearest rival on my shelves, which is the box for an Imperial Guard Shadowsword.

And keep in mind that this Gundam is a 144 scale kit. If it was the same scale as the Shadowsword......well, I doubt I could afford it.

And the box isn't just empty space, it is RAMMED full of bits. Lots of bits. Including lovely clear plastic bits and lighty up bits with batteries (only one LED + battery supplied with the kit. I had to order the other four needed).

Just so we're clear on scale, here is the kit with my two dogs (Pippa on the left and the legend that is Jimmy The Dog on the right), looking perplexed as to why their Master has decided to festoon their snoozing space with bits of plastic. Bless them, they knew not to stand on the plastic.

So when it came to getting the spray cans out to do the base coating, there was really only one option.
Cover the floor with newspaper and get spraying. Those are just the black frames which are mostly the skeleton of the Gundam (it will be fully poseable when complete.....I hope).

In short, this is waaaay beyond anything I've built or painted before, in terms of size, detail and complexity. Way, way, way beyond.

Should be fun.


  1. That is a great workspace setup! Those huge Gundam kits challenge any work area. I move often so my workspace is unpredictable...

  2. very jealous of the workspace - i need more rooms or less kids, whichever is easiest to achieve!