Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Gundam - Unconcluded Conclusion

Here is is, in all its splendour and glory. And by that, I mean its assmebled, but far from finished paint job, glory. This picture actually shows the Gundam 00 combined with the Raiser fighter craft, with a variety of weapons attached.The Raiser by itself is a nice enough looking piece of kit and you can see it fully assembled in the picture below.

Why am I stopping here?

1) I'm actually a few LEDs short for completion. There are two more that fit into the attachments attached to the shoulder pods and until I've got those, I can't show the figure in all its glowing glory. I've got these on order.

2) I really need a bandai action stand to display and pose it properly. I've got one on order.

3) Until I've got the above items, I'm really not feeling the urge to press on with tidying up the paint job which is going to be far more fiddly than I'd previously anticipated.

4) I am actually kind of hacked off with it at the moment and that is usually a good sign to walk away, take a breather and revisit it when my mind is in a better place. What that means is that I'll occasionally update this post with new pictures and what not, but I'm not going to do any further posts. Instead I'll be going back to 40k stuff. There is also a valuable lesson connected to this in that I've focused on the Gundam kit to the exclusion of everything else, which isn't an approach I've taken in the past. Previously, if I've gotten bored and frustrated with a piece, I've stopped and done something else. I didn't do that with the Gundam kit and I think I've sufferred for it.

5) Although it is a wonderfully detailed kit and very poseable (with the bandai action stand) it is very fiddly at the end. Swapping configurations, attaching and removing weapons, is a surprisingly time consuming process and some of it is not as slick as I would like. There is a real risk of "bit loseage" if you know what I mean. So until I have all the parts to finish the piece once and for all, I'll mitigate against "bit loseage" by employing a "non fiddlage" policy.

It'll be a while before I update this entry again, but rest assured it will happen and will make it known in my other updates.

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  1. ah but he looks pretty cool built up - you'll have to a shot with a Marine or something just for a sense of scale.

    (alternatively i can come visit to play with him. um, admire him...!)