Monday, 1 August 2011

Constructing a "to do" list before I leave for America + shopping list

Off to Gen Con Indy tomorrow for a week of fun, sun and buying things. Probably lots and lots of tiny mens, depending on what I find in the trade hall.

Having finished Project Dreadnought yesterday, I'm already constructing a "to do" list of things to paint on my return. Having looked at Ron's Librarian update this morning I've decided that I must do some more work on my own Deathwing Librarian upon my return.

I don't need to do much to him, but from looking at Ron's finished piece I've realised that the base is sorely in need of some love. I also want to add a bit of freehand to his tabbard, which I'll keep simple as the figure is busy enough already.

Should be a simple enough task to perform and a good way to get back into modelling after my holiday.

Also, more as a quick mental note to myself, here is a little shopping list of things I want to buy at the con.

1 - More reaper brushes - these seriously blow GW brushes out of the water, especially for detail work.
2 - More reaper master series paints - any that I'm short of (bone triad) and a few colours I like that I don'thave.
3 - More resin bases - from whatever vendors have that take my fancy
4 - Any cheap GW figures - because paying less for more is always good.
5 - Another other model kits that take my fancy.
6 - LRP/Steampunk costume - because I have two events coming up at the end of August and September and want to look my best.

Cya all in a week.

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