Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sculpting - Not Easy Being Green

This week, in my post Gen-Con/pre-Gathering haze, I took it upon myself to try a little bit of sculpting with Green Stuff. Mostly as a result of watching the excellent Jason Wiebe in action at the Reaper stand and thinking to myself "I can do that" despite knowing full well that sculpture has never been my strong point.

So rather than ease myself in with a bit of gentle painting on familiar terms, I got distracted first by these guys

They're from Reaper Miniatures Warlord range and the level of detail on them is silly, given how much smaller they are than Marines or Terminators. I was drawn to these guys because they reminded me of the Solonvai heroes from Mage Knight Pyramids.
Pretty sure that is a Wizkids stock photo of Seeker Mock, so all credit to them for this. Anyhoo the facemasks and weapons of the Warlord miniatures reminded me of the Solonavi and I've gone with the whole purple/black/darkmetal colour scheme. How I'm going to achieve a crystaline effect on the weapons I do not know, especially as I can't get the purple on their clothes right yet. They are gorgeous minis though, especially the assassin with her very dynamic pose.

The relevance of this to green stuff is that I did sculpt the bases with green stuff to create a fairly basis stone floor pattern. Which came out okay and inspired me to do something similar with the Black Reach Terminator Assault Squad I won on ebay.
The results are better than I'd hoped. Well at least the skull looks like a skull, but I understand skulls very well so that was perhaps an easier sculpt. The right hand one was supposed to be a sword, but it came out as more of a cross. Learning how to effectively work green stuff is going to take some time but I'll plug away with and hopefully improve. Vaseline as a lubricant to make the stuff easier to work was an important step, as I'd just been using water previously and that didn't turn out so good.
For example this guy, one of my many Deathwing w.i.p and companion piece to the Angelus Mortis, has had a fair bit of green stuff work done on him. The right arm is reposed and the inside shoulder joint reworked with green stuff. The bottom right leg is from a different set of legs altogether and I rebuilt the knee joint with green stuff. Not perfectly, but well enough. For giving your miniatures more dynamic poses and a more personal touch, green stuff is hard to beat.

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