Thursday, 14 July 2011

Blog Version 3.0

After many years on Live Journal and even longer on Xanga, this is an attempt at blogging version 3.0, which is pretty much a recognition that while I enjoyed writing my other blogs they were, a bit, random. So I'm going to set myself some objectives, some ground rules if you will, as to how I'm going to run this.

1 - The blog will have a focus. The focus will be miniatures and the building, painting and converting thereof, plus other relevant miniature commentary.
2 - I will endeavour to give the blog a polished look, which means I will customise the pages so it looks unique and content relevant.
3 - I will try to update it regularly. At least once a week.
4 - I will try to curb my use of profanity. Although I think this is part of my "angry" persona, I can still be full of bile without recourse to foul language. Basically I don't want my friends to have to tell their children "no you really can't look at this blog until you're older."
5 - I will try to link up relevant source material and blogs where I can.
6 - I reserve the right to shamelessly promote my friend's blogs when I feel so inclined.

So with a focus established, clear goals in mind, the next step is to customise this blog into an environment I feel happy in.

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