Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Project Dreadnought - Nearing Completion

From my last update on live journal I've endeavoured to move work forward on my Deathwing dreadnought at a pace but, thanks to generous friends on my Birthday, I've been distracted by new Grey Knight's figures.

Anyhoo, a little over a week ago I was here:
where I've applied my penultimate tier of highlighting to the bone and started to work on the midtones of the other coloured sections. Having done that, I was in a position to glue a few more bits and pieces on before working on more highlighting. Which means I'm now here:

The green material of the tabbard and shoulders has been shaded and highlighted and I've worked up the mid tones on the reds. You'll notice the right arm is different, which should act as a reminder that the arms are magnetised and I'm actually painting four arms rather than two. In fact I've got a fifth arm unpainted as of yet which I'm saving for when I start work on the parts for a Mortis variant.
The head is finally glued in place! All earlier photos showing the head, I'd just plonked it in there to see how it looked. I was finally happy with how the head was looking and decided it was time it tooked up permanent residence in the sarcophagus. The cloak of the angel on the right hand side (your left) has been painted by using blue, black and brown washes. It's not quite finished yet, a few more washes to go. Some of the other detail is yet to be completed and there is a bit of tidying up to do.

The "light" of the searchlight is painted using sunburst yellow, with more white added to the mix the nearer the centre of the light. Just a little detail but one I felt was worth pointing out.
The rear view doesn't tell you a lot other than perhaps satisfy your curiosity as to whether I'd painted more than just the front or not.


These two photos show, hopefully, the mid tone I've applied to the red parts of the miniature

So I'm nearly, almost, there. In fact I did a few more hours work on this guy last night and he's about 95% ready. I just need to complete the other two arms, do a final highlight on the bone, finish all the small details, paint the base and I'm done.

I didn't say that the final 5% wasn't a lot of work.

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