Thursday, 14 July 2011

Early Work

I suppose early work is a bit of a misnomer, I mean I don't want to imply I did this some twenty years ago when I was 15. No, this is a piccy of a figure I did back when I was "seriously" starting out painting miniatures again back in 2009.

This guy is a Consecrator, one of the Dark Angels successor legions. I like these guys because they use the original Dark Angel colour scheme (although I confess I got the eyes a little too red on this guy). This was also my first attempt at doing a black colour scheme in, oooh, twenty years as well. The final result is quite a sharp unbelnded highlight, but it was a good enough start to motivate me to keep going. There is a bit of blending going on, but really its just a lot of finely painted lines and they've not been done with too much attention to light sourcing.

I'll be painting more Consecrators in the future and I'll be using this guy as my starting point. I find the Consecrators because they use older armour and weapons marks, so don't expect to see any Mk7 or Mk8 marines in these guys.

I have painted at least one black colour scheme miniature since this guy and I think this later attempt turned out better, even if my macro photography wasn't great. The black on this guy was done by applying layers of black, brown and blue washes over grey with a light highlight. The effect is a much more subtle highlight and a black that isn't quite as "flat" as in the figure above.

Only two downsides (for me) of this model are the fact that the base is unpainted and not spiced up in any way and also the embarassment of the undrilled gun barrel. Given the trepidation I had about painting this figure at the time (I was really worried about how such a detailed figure would turn out), I surprised myself in how quickly I completed him. This Deathwing Chaplain was completed inside of a weekend.

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